Open Source Security Solutions & Consultancy

With our certified experts, we offer open-source inventory, security, licence and quality solutions based on WhiteSource, perfect software for automation to prevent security issues and compliance of open source usage while developing products and software.

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Open Source Inventory

With our expert's support, you will be able to create an inventory report that details, in real-time, all of your open source components, their origin libraries, dependencies, licenses, occurrence locations throughout your build, and security vulnerabilities.

Open Source Security

Thanks to our partnership with WhiteSource, our team will help you secure your open source components and fix your application vulnerabilities, especially where they impact your products the most.

Open Source Licence

With our OSS solution, you will be able to create your company’s license policy by defining a white list of automatically approved licenses; a blacklist of automatically rejected licenses and a list of licenses that need to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Open Source Quality

We will assist on how you can configure executing your security, quality and license compliance policies to prevent vulnerable components and have power over your open source usage.