Kubernetes Solutions & Consultancy

With our certified experts, we offer deployment, administration and consulting solutions based on Kubernetes, the best open source platform for automating and scaling containerized workloads.

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Supported Installation and Deployment

While we offer you professional solutions for Kubernetes, we will assist you to perform large-scale production deployments as well as installations of Kubernetes. Our solutions include defining and deploying containers, specialy designed for your business needs.

Security Implementation

In order to determine the safety of data and your business assets from potential violations and cyber-attacks, the security implementation of Kubernetes will be carried out with our experts and developers for the integrity and confidentiality.

Architecting Services

Thanks to our team's long-time experience on Kubernetes architecting, we provide architecting services as well as solving the cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premise persistent storage issues in Kubernetes.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

We help you automate every step of your Software Development Life Cycle from development to production with standardized Kubernetes environments and our certified Kubernetes administrators will make sure all the various pieces are working correctly.