GKE vs AKS vs EKS comparison

GKE vs AKS vs EKS comparison

Nowadays there are many Cloud Providers released managed kubernetes services. There are lots of differences between them and choosing one is hard. There are also multi cloud environments and hybrid cloud environments which requires clusters to work seamlessly.

When you are expected to choose between cloud providers or just looking for change and you are uncertain things get really messy. We created this compatibility matrix to help you with this decision. We also based it on another chart kubedex created. There were some outdated information and not added parts, some redundant parts to just compare 3 major providers. We tidied up a little bit and extended color code. If you want to visit original comparison visit here.

Conclusion: There are little differences between these managed services. Some of them really hard to solve. GKE has istio addon which is hard to install and manage, but lacks ReadWriteMany PV type which requires some tools like rook.io to manage.

It seems like if you already partner with these cloud vendors, there are advantages to just use their managed kubernetes services and enjoy easy switch and many integrations which you are already using.

If you will just start to use a cloud vendor EKS lacks some features you may want, especially if you are a startup company.