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What Are The Use Cases and Benefits of BizDevOps?

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What is DevOps?

According to the latest study by Grand View Research, Inc, the DevOps market size is anticipated to grow rapidly and reach $12.85 billion by 2025. So, what is the hype around this concept? Generally, the term “DevOps” is the short form for “development” and “operations”. It defines a set of organizational practices that helps in the efficient collaboration of development and IT operations teams. It primarily enables companies to accelerate the software development process and fosters enhanced communication at every stage of product creation. The technical team within an organization uses the standard practices of the DevOps approach to solve many critical problems. It supports the advanced agile delivery methodology, which significantly benefits any enterprise.

The Role of DevOps within An Organization

Experts today implement many inter-related practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices, configuration management, etc. to achieve key business objectives through DevOps. Hence, it was not surprising when its adoption rate witnessed a significant rise every year. As per the report by, the adoption rate increased from 66% (2015) to 74% (2016).

Enterprises have always been keen on implementing reliable DevOps practices. They take up this new-gen culture to streamline the software development process, matching the market demands. This approach has turned into an essential factor for enterprises to succeed in the long run. The DevOps approach relies on a few guiding principles. But, what are these guiding principles?

Key Guiding Principles of DevOps

  • Achieving a collaborative environment where the development and operations team work towards a common goal, communicate regularly, share ideas, and solve problems quickly
  • As both the groups work as a team, they are accountable as a team, rather than pointing out separate individuals. Thus, building a culture of end-to-end responsibility throughout any project
  • The focus of DevOps is on continuous improvement through optimized processes and automation. The performance, cost, and speed of delivery are optimized at large.
  • Applying automation wherever possible to speed up the deployment and development processes. It is the ideal way to promptly release new software to the customers
  • IT makes brands follow a customer-centric approach -  their requirements are given the topmost priority. You need to start taking the right action to deliver end-customer satisfaction

Launching BizDevOps - How Is It Different from DevOps?

It is surreal to look back at the massive growth of DevOps in terms of its usage across industries. As it continued to rule for more than a decade, there arose a need to amalgamate business processes with software development. Thus, BizDevOps came into the picture as an upgraded version (called DevOps 2.0) to bring together development, operations, and business teams in a single place to attain the business goals. This concept enables organizations to venture beyond boundaries and make business-critical decisions.

It is a good sign of a healthy ecosystem as both business and IT teams are involved for the company’s long-term benefit. They determine the scope of any application or service, perform an in-depth analysis, and then decide together about the viable changes. E.g., The business and technical teams of a FinTech corporation work closely to launch a new mobile application for their customers. The central aspect of a BizDevOps team is to abide by the priorities of the project and proactively work towards the objectives.

In this model, the teams are adept at addressing the pain points as they understand the end-to-end customer journey and their changing demands. This concept has been widely acknowledged in recent times due to its speed and flexibility, allowing organizations to stay ahead of the competition.

What Are The Use Cases of BizDevOps?

BizDevOps is already transforming the way enterprises deploy new software. The credit goes to the streamlined framework that helps companies align development with business strategy and achieve their goals faster than ever. Corporate giants such as Amazon adopt this new-age approach, increasing business agility and finally achieving a product-thinking approach. The business and IT teams actively analyze specific critical scenarios and collectively discover a suitable solution to any problem. This holistic thought process steers the digital transformation journey of organizations.

Many successful use cases reiterate the importance of DevOps 2.0 in this modern age.

BizDevOps Use Cases:

  • A renowned financial trading company was successful in completing its software deployment in just 45 seconds. Effective team collaboration by leveraging the latest technology was the reason behind this incredible achievement
  • A reputed airline company embraced this modern approach and addressed its core challenge with agile development. It was a breakthrough in history with the continuous standardization of their testing process
  • Faster delivery of applications and services is due to this advanced model. A large healthcare company was able to stabilize its application functioning and brought in significant cost savings during that specific period
  • This concept helped a leading car manufacturer minimize potential errors and risks in production. They met their compliance requirements without compromising on the software deployment speed

BizDevOpsBenefits for Enterprises

BizDevOps works well in handling enterprise-level applications, ensuring that the business processes work accurately across multiple applications. It is highly beneficial for large-scale businesses as it bridges the existing gaps and aligns the development and business goals.

Some of the major BizDevOps benefits are mentioned below:

  • Reducing rework and improving productivity - This methodology gives better clarity of your requirements and enhances the team’s efficiency in every step of the project. Also, constant inputs from the top-level business managers will decrease the amount of rework.
  • Managing compliance and risks - Though security and compliance requirements are deemed complex, this approach helps organizations tackle them with ease.
  • Everybody takes ownership - This integrated model gives an amazing opportunity for the business, and IT teams to be involved in strategic planning and interact with critical stakeholders. Every individual is a valuable part of the project, and they are responsible for its successful execution from start to end.
  • Building a healthy team - The model identifies the key members across the business, development, and operations teams and discovers new ways to improve the overall communication. The right set of resources work towards the business priorities as a single unit.

Various other benefits assist enterprises in achieving the desired outcome. Many leading DevOps companies provide excellent solutions for enterprises to reach optimum speed and reliability.

Technology leaders across the globe strongly believe that BizDevOps is here to stay forever. It is indispensable for organizations to unleash the power of this methodology to step up and stay ahead of the curve. It is high time your business needs a technology partner like Trlogic DevOps Solutions for all your diverse needs. Our experienced team is ready to take on any challenge with their unique expertise. If you would like to explore more such topics, subscribe to our newsletter or connect with us on our social media platforms.