29 08, 2019

Linkerd Traffic Split


Linkerd Traffic Split You can shift a portion of incoming traffic to different destination services with linkerd’s traffic split functionality. This feature becomes handy when you want to deploy a newer [...]

Linkerd Traffic Split2020-05-30T13:42:50+00:00
22 08, 2019

Telemetry&Monitoring and Retry/Timeout Features with Linkerd


Telemetry&Monitoring and Retry/Timeout Features with Linkerd Linkerd is a service mesh for kubernetes and other frameworks. It provides security, observability, traffic management and reliability for your system. In addition to those, [...]

Telemetry&Monitoring and Retry/Timeout Features with Linkerd2020-05-30T13:42:50+00:00
21 08, 2019

GKE vs AKS vs EKS comparison


GKE vs AKS vs EKS comparisonNowadays there are many Cloud Providers released managed kubernetes services. There are lots of differences between them and choosing one is hard. There are also [...]

GKE vs AKS vs EKS comparison2020-05-30T13:42:51+00:00
7 07, 2019

How to persist redux store safely with using local storage ?


How to persist redux store safely with using local storage ? Redux states return to the initial state when the page is refreshed. But losing them can cause unwanted situations.For example [...]

How to persist redux store safely with using local storage ?2020-05-30T13:42:51+00:00
30 05, 2019

ES6 & ES7 & ES8 Features


ES6 & ES7 & ES8 Features 1- ) Arrow Functions Arrow functions allows us to do more things with less code. ArrowIn the above example, we didn’t use any curly brackets [...]

ES6 & ES7 & ES8 Features2020-05-30T13:42:51+00:00
3 03, 2019

React — Communicate between components with Redux


React — Communicate between components with Redux Let’s say we have two pages named “Sender” and “Getter” and our “App” where we call other two pages. As you can understand from their names, [...]

React — Communicate between components with Redux2020-05-30T13:42:51+00:00
26 02, 2019

Introduction to Kompose for Openshift


Introduction to Kompose for Openshift Our docker-compose fileKompose is a open source tool that uses “docker-compose” file to deploy on kubernetes. Openshift is also Kubernetes based and kompose team decided [...]

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18 07, 2018

Cassandra Spring Implementation


Cassandra Spring Implementation Cassandra is a distributed NoSQL database. Cassandra is developed with java. Cassandra is highly popular because of some technical reasons such as scalability, its distributed structure that [...]

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10 07, 2018

Openshift WildFly War Deployment


Openshift WildFly War Deployment Openshift helps people for an open source cloud application platform. Openshift enables polyglot applications to be deployed on a public,private, and a hybrid cloud easily. This [...]

Openshift WildFly War Deployment2020-05-30T13:42:52+00:00