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Books On Devops

To understand what DevOps is and to describe how to operationalize in real world, it might be very beneficial to take a glance at following books that are listed with no particular order:

Book: The Phoenix Project

Authors: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford
The book is a fictional story, written in novel style. The novel tells the story about applying DevOps to unleash IT’s potential.
The book cover may describe in the best way:
The company’s new IT initiative, code named Phoenix Project, is critical to the future of Parts Unlimited, but the project is massively over budget and very late. The CEO wants Bill to report directly to him and fix the mess in ninety days or else Bill’s entire department will be outsourced.
With the help of a prospective board member and his mysterious philosophy of The Three Ways, Bill starts to see that IT work has more in common with manufacturing plant work than he ever imagined. With the clock ticking, Bill must organize work flow streamline interdepartmental communications, and effectively serve the other business functions at Parts Unlimited.
In a fast-paced and entertaining style, three luminaries of the DevOps movement deliver a story that anyone who works in IT will recognize. Readers will not only learn how to improve their own IT organizations they’ll never view IT the same way again.

Book: DevOps for Developers

Author: Michael Hüttermann
The book is for software developers that’s purpose is help to improve the software delivery by using lean practices. From its description:
DevOps for Developers is for motivated software engineers, particularly programmers, testers, QA, system admins, database admins, both beginners and experts, who want to improve their software delivery process. It’s the perfect choice for engineers who want to go the next step by integrating their approaches for development and delivery of software. This book is for engineers who want to shape their processes and decide on and integrate open source tools and seek for guidance how to integrate standard tools in advanced real world use cases.

Book: The Visible Ops Handbook

Author: Kevin Behr, Gene Kim and George Spafford, IT Process Institute
Visible Ops codify the high performance enterprise organisations achieved their transformation to best, telling how the organisations can rearrange their processes according to high performance organisations in four steps:
1. Stabilize Patient, Modify First Response
2. Catch and Release, Find Fragile Artifacts
3. Establish Repeatable Build Library
4. Enable Continuous Improvement

Book: The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvements

Author: Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox Author, David Whitford (Other Contributor)
The Goal is also a fictional book, management-oriented novel, written more than 30 years ago. The book can be used for study on operation management, bottlenecks and how to come through and also application of these concepts in real life.
From the book description:
One of Eli Goldratt’s convictions was that the goal of an individual or an organization should not be defined in absolute terms. A good definition of a goal is one that sets us on a path of ongoing improvement.
Pursuing such a goal necessitates more than one breakthrough. In fact, it requires many. To be in a position to identify these breakthroughs we should have a deep understanding of the underlying rules of our environment. Twenty-five years after writing The Goal, Dr. Goldratt wrote Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. In this article he provided the underlying rules of operations.